Contact Arthur

It is I, ‘the creator’ of Arthur Wingsmith … You don’t remember me do you? Well, that’s not important right now, you can always check who I am later (I suggest his second post; I also wrote his ‘about’ page). What is important, is that Arthur is off having some weird Skype conversation at the moment, so it has fallen to me to provide his contact details. Which is why I am directing you to this handy contact form, the one below what I have written here …. Actually, it seems to me Arthur could have done this himself, It’s not that hard really. I mean, it’s not like I mind or anything, but still …. Where was I? Oh, that’s right fill in the form to contact Arthur. Unless you are one of those nasty spam people, in which case, he’d probably prefer that you didn’t.


‘the creator’, on behalf of Arthur Wingsmith.