About Arthur Wingsmith

Hello. My name is Nathaniel. I am also Arthur Wingsmith. While one of these names is a real person, the one that isn’t gets to write silly stuff for whatever reason he feels like. He calls this: the genre of whimsical siliness; better known as Whimsilism. Personally, I find the whole thing ontologically weird. His name – the Whimsilist, that is – is Arthur. But, you probably already guessed that.

What you really need to know, is that everything on this site is fiction. I mean, fiction on purpose, not alternative facts. If you can find a fact here, Arthur has really dropped the ball. Seriously, it’s not even ‘post truth’; except for the kind of truth that variously over-qualified people suggest should be found in fiction.

It is my hope that all the fictions presented here are entertaining. If they aren’t, I submit my humblest, and most sincere, apologies. One cannot help bad luck, though.

Stories will appear on this site when they do, with no particular schedule. I used to have a schedule, but shit happens, so I decided to do whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like. Which is to say, I embraced my inner teenager.

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