“More corn please”

Flávia and Gutinho
Flávia and Gutinho

It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart, I must report the untimely death of my friend Augustus “Gutinho” Nogueira W. Goat. For this reason I am postponing the publication of A smoking monkey: Chapter 2 until next week. Gutinho wouldn’t really have minded if I posted the planned chapter this week; he being a goat, and me being what I am, we often had creative differences. Still, we were fast friends, and out of my respect for him I would like to tell you a little about him – just to give you a sense of his ‘Goatanity’.

The first thing you need to know about Augustus, is that he was Brazilian, and a proud one. Although being denied the right to  vote, he was not without his politics. He positively refused to eat anything that was not Brazilian made by way of his contribution to the national economy. He was also a strong advocate for the Goats Are Not For Eating movement, and himself regularly refused to be eaten – especially at BBQ’s (Brazil’s second most popular pastime after Football – or, if you prefer, Soccer). He was, without any doubt, a goat of deep convictions, and at times could be a firebrand maverick.

Yet, Augustus was not without his soft side. He had many friends, lots of them human, but most of them dogs and cats. He was a goat without any species prejudice whatsoever, and would mix freely, and play boisterously, with the dogs, cats, and humans that made up his immediate family. He once confessed to me that, “I know that none of these beings are goats, but for the life of me, I can’t help but like them.” Of all of his friends, he was closest to one above all others: the human Flávia D. S. N. Ward, whom had adopted him when he was a Kid, and with whom he is pictured in this week’s featured image.

Augustus “Gutinho” Nogueira W. Goat, whom was adorable, loved socks, and sometimes cried at midnight. In the quiet of the hour when one day becomes another, I fancy that I can hear him. In gentle tones, he says: More corn please… but not that transgenic non-Brazilian rubbish.”

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