An introduction of sorts

Hello, my name is Arthur Wingsmith. Actually, this is not really my name, but I think it sounds a lot more authorial than the one I use on a daily basis. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with my real name – I’m quite fond of it in fact – it is more that I wanted to try out being someone else for a bit. Hence ‘Arthur Wingsmith’, a semi-imaginary blog identity for person, or persons, unknown. Yes, I rather like that.

This being my first ever blog post, I suppose the customary thing to do is say something about myself. I have already indicated that I am not a real person in the strictest sense, and I guess that means I am the creation of some bored and semi-literate mind. I notice, also, that my language is of a particularly formal nature, so I probably went to university at some point (the outcome of which seems dubious, given my previous remarks on semi-literacy). As I have just created a blog, I infer from this that I most likely have opinions, or at least anecdotes, that I would like to share. I am not sure why I think these would be worth sharing, but it seems that this is the ‘thing to do’ in these heady internet fueled days. We will just have to see how this works out – at least as well as the average you tube comment does, I expect.My feeling is that this is enough of an introduction for the moment. I am aware that it doesn’t really say very much, but I have a few existential limitations on account of my being ghost written. My sincerest and continuing apologies on this score.All that remains to make my journey to the world of blog complete, is the posting of a picture. (My research indicates that one is obliged to provide photographs.) Here, therefore, is a picture of a goat. I will neither confirm nor deny that this is my goat … but this is probably my goat. His name is Augustus.


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